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My name is Juliano Bittencourt (jbittencourt), and I’m a Technology in Education Field Specialist currently working for One Laptop per Child. I was born in the south of Brazil, where I spent almost my entire life (up to now) and started my work, initially with computers and later with education.

More than a decade ago, I felt in love by the ideas of Seymour Papert, which is my main influence on how I think computers should be used in schools. This brought closer to the field of psychology and in 2002 I joined as a researcher the LEC – Cognitive Studies Lab (Laboratório de Estudos Cognitivos), one of the most notorious research groups in the field in south america. There, I had the chance to work closely with Professor Léa Fagundes, what shaped my vision about how Papert’s ideas can be implemented in the real world context of undeveloped countries.

Besides Léa and Papert, during my journey many other authors like Piaget, Paulo Freire, Dewey and others profoundly influenced me. Securely, I advocate that the educational practices in schools should be much more centered on learning and not only on teaching. More than that, I believe that education is a political act (in the good sense of politics) and that the major objective of school is to create free and conscientious citizens.

Academically, I have a major in Computer Science and a Master in Education. In the technology field, I have expertise in web development and Unix administration. I learned programming when was a child, and up to date it is my biggest passion.  I’m also passionate about teaching programming, and I think that was what got me closer to education. 

I see myself o a free software advocate for many different reasons. First, because  free softwares like Linux and PHP were the founding tools that allowed me to learn deeper about computers. Besides that, because I believe that there is something really special in the Free Software philosophy but, above all, in the community around it.


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